Bridal Services

La Belle Vie Salon wants your wedding day to be relaxed while surrounded by your loved ones. We will gladly coordinate and accommodate every detail of your visit. Our team of professionals look forward to sharing your special day.

We will provide a linen topped table along with coordinating paper goods (plates, napkins, cups and utensils) for the bride to serve her refreshments. Upon request, La Belle Vie can provide a catered table for the bridal party, compliments of the salon. This includes an assortment of fresh bagels with cream cheese or pastries, orange juice, and coffee.

Each member of your bridal party will receive a complimentary gift bag on the day of the event. Every member’s bag will include one personal size hairspray and premium samples of shampoo and conditioner as a thank you for choosing our salon to host your event. Along with the gift bag, all members of the bridal group are offered a 15% discounts on retail purchases.

At your convenience, contact one of our Front Desk Coordinators who will gladly schedule your group’s services.

A reservation fee or valid credit card to be held on file may be required at time of booking in order to reserve the salon from public appointments on your wedding day. Any service cancellations made within 14 days of the event date, will result in a 50% charge of the service(s) missed.

Trial Services/Recommendations Prior to Event
Hair Design Consult and Trial $75
Make-up Consult and Trial $55
On Wedding Day/Recommendations on Event Date
Bridal Hair Design $90
Bridal Make-up Application $65
Attendant Hair Design $75
Attendant Make-up Application $50
Shampoo & Finishing $45
Curl Flat Iron Finishing $35


Recommendations Prior to Event

  1. Schedule your bridal group services 4-6 months prior to your event date.
  2. Book your trial bridal hair and make-up services 1 month before your event date.
  3. Hair must be clean and dried, preferably the evening before your appointment. DO NOT flat iron or curl hair.
  4. For make-up application, arrive with clean, make-up free face.
  5. To ensure that you and your technician create your dream look; we invite you to bring in pictures of inspiration to help guide us in creating a truly custom look for you and your bridal group. If you do not have pictures, we encourage you to come in 15 minutes prior to your appointment to view our look-books.
  6. Please bring your veil/head-piece, pictures of your wedding dress and all ornamentation for hair design (barrettes, jewels, flowers, etc.) to your trial.
  7. 1-2 months prior to your event date, notify us if you would like a complimentary, catered table or if you have any other special requests.

Recommendations on Event Date

  1. Arrive 15 minutes prior to the first scheduled service. This will ensure that guests will receive the full time of the services reserved exclusively for them.
  2. Brides and attendants, please come to your hair design services with your hair clean and dry. DO NOT flat iron or curl hair. Also be sure to wear a button down shirt so as to not compromise the finished hair design and make-up.
  3. Brides, remember to bring your veil/head-piece and all ornamentation for hair design (barrettes, jewels, flowers, etc.)
  4. Guests receiving make-up application should arrive with clean, make-up free faces